A Change of Heart Changes Everything

Welcome to an easy, practical approach to utilizing a promising technology, that provides you and your partner with the valuable tools you need to create a relationship that works.

HeartFocus is a therapeutic approach to individual and relationship counseling created by Ray Varlinsky. It is an integration of cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and insight therapies with the addition of HRV (heart rate variability) biofeedback and CES (cranial electrical stimulation). HRV biofeedback is an easy and effective technology that facilitates self-soothing, emotional intelligence and emotional connection. CES is FDA approved for the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia

The emWave®

The emWave Approach to Creating Relationships That Work provides the knowledge to effectively learn to:

This system can help you and your partner create new mental and emotional rhythms to reduce the stress that accumulates during the day that you bring into your relationship.  It addresses the over-arousal that many couples display when they get into conflict with each other.

The emWave Approach may help!The emWave Approach emphasizes the importance of emotions and their effects on the organ of the heart.  It encourages couples to listen to their feelings and to shift into a neutral or positive feeling as soon as possible in order to facilitate communication and connection.



For more information on how HeartFocus can help contact Ray Varlinsky.